For over 27 years. Security Insurance Agency Inc. has been providing all of the residents of Boston, MA, and the surrounding suburban area with exceptional automotive insurance services. When accidents happen, turn to the experts at Security Insurance Agency Inc. Aside from our exceptional services we offer variety of benefits that come with becoming a member of our clientele.


Our General Auto Insurance Services Include:


  • Experts at helping clients appeal speeding tickets

  • Expert out of state and out of country insurance transfers

  • Low annual mileage

  • Anti-theft Devices

  • Air Bags and Seat Belts

  • Free same day plate registration

  • Renewal registration service

  • Cancelled insurance replaced

  • Assist you in getting resident parking permit


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Security Insurance Agency Inc.

Boston, MA General Auto Insurance Services

We are experts in helping clients appeal speeding tickets, and out of state or country insurance transfers. We aim to make your life as easy as possible.


Contact Security Insurance Agency Inc. today at 617-739-2886, or browse the website for more information about discounts and credit services or frequently asked questions.