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We understand that accidents happen, when they do turn to the experts at Security Insurance Agency Inc. Security Insurance Agency Inc. has been providing exceptional automotive insurance services to all of the Boston MA area for over 27 years. We will assist you in reducing or eliminating any automotive surchages as well as appealing tickets and removing points from your record.

Our Auto Insurance Services Include:


  • General Auto Insurance Services – Same day plate registration, appeal speeding tickets, State and out of country insurance transfers, Renewal registration service


  • Discounts and Credit Services - Student discounts, 25% Senior citizen discount, Safe drivers credit, Low down payment and monthly payments


  • Special  Insurance Services - Renewal registration service , Auto Club Discounts, Cancelled insurance replaced, Homeowner, condominium and apartment insurance with additional discounts included


  • FAQs -  Questions that every driver should ask themselves before getting behind the wheel of a car

Just because you receive a speeding ticket, moving violation or have been found at fault for an accident, it is not the end. At Security Insurance Agency Inc. we have successfully assisted our customers in appealing these tickets as well as at fault accidents.

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Ask Us How You Can Save Money, By Combining Your Home And Auto Policies!


Contact Security Insurance Agency Inc. today at 617-739-2886, or browse the website for more information about frequently asked questions or discounts and credit services.

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